Rage Inside The Womb

Rage inside the Womb
Full-length, Osmose productions

Aad Kloosterwaard - Drums
Theo van Eekelen - Bass
Michel Alderliefsten - Guitars
Alex Paul - Guitars
Stan Blonck - Vocals & Lyrics

recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Excess: Rotterdam, HOLLAND
produced and engineered by Hans Pieters, Dennis Leidelmeyer and Houwitser
art by Jon Zig

1. Slaughter Confession
2. Nailing the Torso
3. Score of Corpses
4. Gutted in the Gutter
5. A Bite of a Deceased Rat
6. Rage Inside the Womb
7. Vengeance Needs Blood
8. Unleash the Fury
9. 37 Stabwounds
10. Exposed to Poison


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