Moscow atrocity

DVD "Moscow Atrocity"



Moscow atrocity
DVD coyote Records

Live recordings of the brutal coyote fest 6 gig in Moscow, Russia.

Mike van Mastrigt - Vocals
Michel Alderliefsten - Guitar
Richard Gielen - Guitar
Ramon Ploeg - Bass
Marten van Kruijssen - Drums



Bestial atrocity
Conviction Through Torture
Rage Inside the Womb
Feel the Consequence
Sledgehammer Redemption
Shredded to Pieces
Terror Legion
I Shape the Suffering
Sadistic Intent
The Lingering Death
Embrace Damnation
Death's Fact
Trip of Fire
Devoured Cunt

+Extra bonus video's

Trip of fire
Sliced and diced
Conviction through torture


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