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Last week Houwitser defied the Russian winter and survived the blistering cold of -25 / -30C. This didn't stop the Terror Legion to spread Havoc in some killer Russian cities. The vodka, beer, thermonuclear underwear and beautiful women kept us warm. During these 4 days we had a tide schedule and had to use all types of transportation. Flown with Swiss Air to Saint Petersburg and with a van to the venue. With the train to Novgorod and by taxi to the venue. With the night train we travelled to Moscow and by bus to the venue. Together with the guys of Pighead we took the subway and train to the airport. With a transfer in Zurich we flown back to Holland. Houwitser would like to thank Rocky and all the Russian maniacs who supported us at our shows in Saint Petersburg, Novgorod and Moscow!                                                                                                                          

We had a great time visiting your country!!


Houwitser is proud to announce that their original singer and frontman Mike van Mastrigt is back in their line-up. Mike already teamed up for some shows. Together with their new drummer Marten van Kruijssen and frontman Mike van Mastrigt, Houwitser will march on to Russia this February to do some shows. The new line-up is writing songs for the 6th full length cd. More
news about the progress and release of this album can be expected in the near future.

New member info:

  • Mike van Mastrigt, Vocals. Known as founding member and original frontman of Sinister.
  • Marten van Kruijssen, Drums. Also member of the bands Dictated and Nibirus.


Latest News

Houwitser start recording new album

Houwitser will start recording their 6th album in the beginning of january 2014

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