Embrace Damnation

Embrace Damnation
Full-length, Displeased Records

Aad Kloosterwaard - Drums
Theo van Eekelen - Bass
Michel Alderliefsten - Guitars
Arjaan "Djortzzz" Kampman - Vocals & Lyrics

backing vocals on "Feel The Consequence" by Rachel Heyzer (Occult) & Stephan
Gebedi (Thanatos)

Recorded and Mixed at Studio Excess, Rotterdam HOLLAND
Produced and Engineered by Hans Pieters, Dennis Leidelmeyer and HOUWITSER
Cover art: Jon Zig

On some releases there is also track 13 titled simply "Huh" 03:43

1. Onslaught Of Hate
2. Feeding On Fools
3. Embrace Damnation
4. Catenated
5. Stabbing Overdose
6. Command Respect
7. Vile Amputation
8. Feel The Consequence
9. Unholy Orgasm
10. Leeches Come
11. Consuming Cadavers
12. Mentally Mutilated 


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