Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment
Full-length, Osmose productions

Aad Kloosterwaard - Drums
Theo van Eekelen - Bass
Alex Paul - Guitars
Stan Blonck - Vocals & Lyrics

Recorded & Mixed at Studio Excess: Rotterdam, HOLLAND by Hans Pieters, Dennis
Leidelmeyer and Houwitser
mastered at House of Music by Achim Kohler
cover art by: Jacek Wisnieski

all music: Alex Paul
all "war" samples from the motion picture "Predator"

1. Liquidate The Venomous
2. Parasomy
3. Paradise To Purgatory
4. Damage Assessment
5. Clean To The Bone
6. Skineater
7. Mean and Malice
8. Hunger For The Feast


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