Bestial Atrocity

Bestial Atrocity
Full-length, Sevared Records

Stan Blonk - Vocals
Michel Alderliefsten - Guitar
Richard Gielen - Guitar
Ramon Ploeg - Bass
Marco de Groot - Drums

Guestvocals on Shredded to Pieces by Mike van Mastrigt (ex-Houwitser, ex-Sinister)
Guestvocals on Sledgehammer Redemption by Kam Lee (Massacre, ex-Death / Mantas)

Bestial Atrocity is recorded by André van der Ree at AM Studios, Gouda.
Mixed by André van der Ree and Houwitser.
Mastered by Robbert Kok at Audio Visualz.
Photo’s by Chantal Bul.
Live photo’s by Chantal Bul and Elsabijn van der Valk.
Coverart by Bahrull Marta of Abomination Imagery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Album-layout, booklet and website by Arco

01. Bestial Atrocity
02. Devoured Cunt
03. Conviction through Torture
04. Sledgehammer Redemption
05. Vision of Blood
06. Hatred Vindicated
07. Shredded to Pieces
08. Lynch the Cancer
09. The Lingering Death
10. Flayed, beheaded and Quarted
11. Demolish the Deformed


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