vikktoria !! 30.11.2010 11:26 AM
your music makes me so fucking happy. when your doing gigs again will you please come to england ?? your insanely awesome. x
Ton 13.11.2010 8:02 PM
Ik had jullie metal nog niet eerder gehoord, respect is echt goed.

Gr, Ton
Bahrull Marta 23.10.2010 9:01 PM
Hi guys, nice website design, good looking and brutal!!!

amy 30.09.2010 9:28 AM
Excellent web site. I had heard good things about it, and the web site shows what a high standard you guys achieve in every respect. I look forward to future visits.
svenne 29.09.2010 7:23 PM
As long as I can think back Houwitser belongs to my favourite bands - impossible that this could change with Bestial Atrocity: this is real great & brutal shit! Cheerz to you, men!
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