Houwitser originally started in 1997 and was formed by Michel Alderliefsten (ex-Sinister). Completing
the line-up with vocalist Mike (ex-Sinister), drummer Aad (Sinister) and bass player Theo (Hail of
Bullets). The debut album‘Death.. But Not Buried' was released by Displeased Records in the spring
of 1999 and got great reviews and good sales. The end of that year Houwitser parted with their
singer Mike.

Houwitser’s second album ‘Embrace Damnation’ was released with a music video for “Feeding
on Fools”. In 2001 Houwitser signed with Osmose Productions and their third album ‘Rage Inside
The Womb’ saw the light of day in 2002. This was the start of a tour all over the entire European
continent. In 2004, after the release of the album ‘Damage Assessment‘, the band split up.
Displeased Records re-released the debut album ‘Death... but not buried’ with 7 bonus tracks and
new artwork.

The split of Houwitser left a bad vibe with guitarist Michel. In 2008 the Dutch death metal-
commandos wrote a new chapter in the history of Houwitser. In 2009 Houwitser signed a new record
deal with U.S.A. based Sevared Records, who released Bestial Atrocity early 2010. Their fifth album
‘Bestial Atrocity’ marked the rebirth of the ferocious 'Terror Legion'.

Late 2011, the original frontman Mike van Mastrigt, drummer Marten van Kruijssen and bass
player Roderick Ras where recruited for the Terror Legion. While the new line up was working on
Houwitser's sixth release, Coyote Records released a live DVD of one of the shows of Houwitser's
Russia mini-tour.

The Dutch death metal commandos will strike again with the upcoming sixth album! Heavier and
more brutal than ever, Houwitser will March over stages, blasting their thundering death metal!
Watch out for Houwitser!



Michel Alderliefsten:       Guitar,  1997 – 2002, 2007 – Current (Ex-Sinister)
Mike van Mastrigt:          Vocals, 1997 – 2000, 2011 – Current (Ex-Sinister)
Richard Gielen:              Guitar,  2007 – Current
Marten van Kruijssen:    Drums, 2011 – Current (Omega, Ex-Dictated)
Roderick Ras:                 Bass,   2012 – Current

previous band members:

Theo van Eekelen:         Bass, 1997 – 2004 (Hail of Bullets)
Ramon Ploeg:                Bass,   2007 –  2012 (Bleeding Gods)
Stan Blonk:                    Vocals, 2001 – 2004, 2007 – 2011
Marco de Groot:            Drums,  2007 – 2011 (ex-Altar, ex-Thanatos)
Aad Kloosterwaard:       Drums, 1997 – 2004 (Sinister)
Arjaan Kampman:          Vocals,  2000 – 2001
Alex Paul:                      Guitar,    2001 - 2004 (ex-Sinister)

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